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Beverly (Taylor) Dimmitt
8228 Glen Echo Dr
St Louis, Missouri 63121-4552

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After graduation, I attended Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa for one year taking a pre-nursing course. In the fall, I enrolled in the Independence Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing in Independence, Missouri. After three years, I graduated with an RN in nursing and an AA degree from Graceland. Upon completion of my nursing education, I went back to Goodland where I was employed at Boothroy Memorial Hospital. Not long after arriving in Goodland, I renewed my acquaintance with classmate, Bob Dimmitt. After only three months, We decided we were meant to be and were married on December 31, 1954. In August of 1955, we left Goodland to go to Smyrna, GA (near Atlanta) Where Bob was employed by Lockheed Aircraft and I went to work at the local hospital. Our first child was born while we lived in GA. Due to an end of the government contract with Lockheed, there was a layoff and we went back to Goodland. Shortly thereafter, Bob went to Kansas City to Airline School and off we went to Kalamzoo, MI (I thought this place only existed in song) where he began working for Lake Central Airlines and once again, I worked at the local hospital. Our second child was born in Kalamazoo. After a few years, Bob was transferred to the Akron-Canton station in Ohio. I again worked at the local hospital and our third son was born in Ohio near the Football Hall of Fame. Our next move was to St. Louis, Mo where he opened the station for Lake Central Airlines, which later became Allegheny Airlines and then USAIR. I again worked at the local hospital but eventually was employed at Ozark Airlines as an industrial nurse taking care of emergencies of employees. It was great as i worked days, weekends and holidays off which is not the norm for a lot of nurses. Because of the airline connection, we have been able to take some great trips some of which were golf related as he played in several worldwide airline golf tournaments. We have done considerable RVing which we are now getting away from and will do more by car or flying. We are very proud of our three sons and their families which consists of eight grandchildren (only two of which live in St. Louis.)