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BETTY (Kirby) Erwin
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Carl Erwin and I were married December 6, 1951 in the Lutheran Church in Goodland, KS We have two daughters, Shannon and Erin.

Shannon is married to David Austin, a Police Officer in Chandler, AZ.and Shannon is a first grade teacher in Gilbert, AZ. They have 3 children.( Patrick, Daniel, Jessica) Patrick, the oldest, is getting married May 31.

Erin is married to Scott Mahlios. Scott is in real-estate and also part time in the grocery business. Erin is a school psychologist in the Flagstaff, AZ schools and they also have 3 children (Matthew,deceased) Alex and Rebecca.

I was a stay at home Mom until the girls got to be seniors in high school and wanted to go on to college, then I went to work and put them through on the 5-year plan! After Carl retired from the Air Force he worked for the Pima County Assessors office as a property appraiser. We are currently enjoying retirement. and My favorite time of the year is Christmas

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Postmark March 17, 2002 Betty writes:

Dear Classmates,

About Carl and his military service: He enlisted in the US Navy in 1946 on his 17th birthday June 10. He went to boot camp in SanDiego, CA. Was put on a mine sweeper (the Ardent and the the Waxwing) in and around Okinowa and Japan. Then to the West coast then Hawaii and then Johnson Island, Hawaii then state side, where he got out of the Navy. Then in January 1948 he enlisted in the Air Force. During the next 26 years he was stationed in Alaska, Korea, Lybia, Viet Nam and England for extended tours. He went on a around the world coast line maping mission while stationed in Alaska. During this time he spent time in Newfoundland, the Azores Islands outside the USA and was stationed Great Falls, Montana, Travis AFB near Sacramento CA,. West Palm Beach, FL,. Lincoln,NB., Detroit,MI,. Amarillo Tx and good old Tucson AZ. He retired March 1, 1974 with 28 years active duty. Betty (Lifetime Xmas Poem follows ON "NEXT PAGE"

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