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Brandt Ochsner
245 Goldenwood Cir
Simi Valley, CA 93065-6772

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Margybelle and I were married New Year's eve, 1950. We made our way to Kansas City where I enrolled in a radio and television trade school. Repairing TV’s, and working at Bendix Aviation there, we purchased a house for $10,000 before I was 21 years old, by then having a daughter, Rebecca, and a son, Douglas.
I then decided to work my way through Kansas City Junior College finally obtaining a BSEE at KU in 1960. My grades were good and I worked 8 years at Bell Labs in New Jersey, earning an MSEE from NYU. (I was at the Labs when the echo from the Big Bang was first discovered!) I was assigned to the NIKE-X Anti Ballistic Missile System during early digital computer development, when language compilers and operating systems were first being conceived. I received several patents in multiprocessor and memory designs during that stay.
We came to California in 1968, where I joined Litton Aerospace for 11 years. I developed a series of military computers for aircraft, missiles, space, and ships. Later I worked for Teledyne Systems until retirement, continuing to manage computer related programs. This included the MILSTAR program, a military satellite computer with 24 redundant switching mechanisms for fault tolerance. My main technical career could not have been more exciting. I was able to enjoy the challenges of both technical management and people management to a high degree of satisfaction. God has been good to me.
Upon retirement, I was given opportunity to teach Middle School Honors Math for two years at my K-8 church's school. This led to even more fun reviewing math and I was able to tutor many of these students and others up through their college careers. My tutoring has expanded into Physics and Chemistry, as well. One of my personal pursuits is the study of Tensor Calculus. I do notice that the more sane people play golf!