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Memories of a very special group
Welcome and Enjoy
The Sherman County high School Class of 1950 arrived as freshman, 114 strong. they began to lead the field of scholarship and athletics and continued to do so through their remaining years in school.
They started immediately to raise money for their prom by selling the most magazines ever sold by a junior class S.C.H.S. then they presented their play "June Mad" which was very successful. Money for the prom was also obtained by selling decals.
Finally on the eve of May 3, 1949, they presented their Junior-Senior Prom. there had been many nights of hard work and planning mixed with a lot of fun to make the decorations as succesful as they were. With "Sea Dream as the name, they carried their theme through in pastel colors, with fish and other aquatic animals. Soft drinks were served from 'Davey Jones Locker.'

The class of 1950 agreed to honor Miss Smith for her years of service. An engraved brick in her honor was placed at the Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame on August 14, 2006

Senior Class 1950

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Our Miss Smith 1991
Photo courtesy Patty (Kanuch) Lamb

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