2011 Reunion

Date line August 11-13, 2011
Reported by Bob & Beverly Dimmitt

We had a very good Reunion and visited with classmates of '50 and some before and after us. On Friday night the following classes assembled at the Elks's Club; '48,'49,'50, '51 & '52. It was good to see fellow graduates we had not seen for sometime.

On Saturday after the assembly, we met at Hanks(formerly Dye's)for lunch. it was discussed about updating the website and establishing a fund for communications. The attendees generously donated $145 for this purpose. So far, the expenses are: $30 for mailing prior to the Reunion; $50 in In memory of Ralph Scarrow to the Basset Hound Associations of California.

We would like to continue sending communications to those who do not have email to keep them abreast of the class news. There will be an expense for preparing and mailing of these CD's. If any classmate would like to add to the treasury, please send it to us and we will be happy to communicate further.

Floyd Harding has developed our website and would be glad to add your summary Bio/pic. See sample template click here. Please send your info to Floyd at fdharding@tx.rr.com.

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